Mr Ajit Jatania (Group CEO – Simba Technology – Top Tier East African IT Services firm)
We are known to WK for 15 years professionally, we outsourced couple of Technical & Sales positions for our KENYA, East African operations to start with; we feel glad to mention that it was executed to perfection. We could select, offer and on-board all five resources as per our expectations and in-time. We sincerely appreciate and thank WK for their SWIFT response and Greater understanding of our needs.

Eng Noor Alam Choudhury (Group CEO – Prestige Constructions LLC, UAE)
We are one of a fastest growing Construction company, we have a UAE based 4000 strong workforce. Our resources are from multi-national, multi-cultural, multi-ethnicity background, ranging from basic Labour to Draftsmen to Engineers to Architect to Management. With this kind of background we had our own doubts whether WK will be able to match our expectations, to our surprise; we were total satisfied with their quality and prompt services. We swear by their services and are able to reduce resource reserves significantly as we know WK is our partner and we can count on their swift delivery.

Chaitanya Kashyap (Head of Sales – One of a largest Muscat, Oman based IT services firm)
WK – One of the best known and connected IT professional in our view! We have been in IT services business in Sultanate of Oman for more than a decade, we are one of a well-known local System Integrator. We were suffering from quality IT resource crunch for years, and we met WK. We started with key positions like Head of Pre-sales, Sales Directors, Programme Director and some of tech positions – WK served like a trusted advisor to both prospective candidates and our team; this really bridged the gap and we could take informed decision and were able to on-board resources as per our expectations.

Rohit Gupta (Group General Manager – IT, one of a largest private bank in East Africa with 5 country operations)
We know WK since 2007, we were very impressed with his interaction during his job at Infosys; we were surprised to see his exit. And now we are proud to be associated again and are equally impressed with his quality of services and his amazing connects. We just gave them a IT Manager position for our Tanzania operations, unbelievably they sent just 3 profiles and we were like spoiled to select one out of the two we liked. This is really as best it can be, we really saved time and bandwidth by their quality and prompt services. We are already exploring to take their help in fulfilling our key BANKING positions for Kenya.

Ramprasad Balasubramanian (Lead – TAG – One of a largest Scientific & Medical Publication house in India, part of famous HINDU Group)
We are very pleased with WK’s eye for details attitude, and we sincerely recommend to all to explore working with them. Ours is a traditional Publication House with a strong flair of IT elements, all we wanted was a Head of Finance in our Chennai based HQ. We were not able to fulfil this position for close to an year somehow, we interviewed more than 100 candidates and here comes WK and we could close the position by just interviewing 6 candidates, just amazing. Their sense of understanding our business, work culture and great market connects were really the key factors.

Varakumar Siddavatam (Director, Principle Investor in multiple firms)
We are one of the largest Engineering Services Software distributors in India for more than a decade. We had been suffering from high attrition rate of Sales Resources for multiple reasons, only way-out was to quickly replenish our resources to ensure smooth operations. We tried multiple local consultants but somehow it didn’t work out, they didn’t understand our business and needs. And then a friend from a large IT firm introduced WK to us, and we could achieve our resource needs for Pune & Ahmedabad operations as per our expectations. We believe they are the best in providing Sales Resources anytime as they understand business very well, we wish them all the best and recommend all to enjoy their services.